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Gum and bone related problems can easily affect the teeth. Are you searching for Dental Clinic Near me or Dental Clinic in Jabalpur ? For any gum related problems contact Dr Mulchandani’s Advanced Dental Clinic in Jabalpur immediately.

Oral Prophylaxis

When you want your teeth tartar free, odor free and you really want to increase the life of your teeth and gums

Get them professionally cleaned & polished with finest technology and materials, learn proper technique of brushing and feel the difference……!!!

Advanced Gum Treatments

There is just no particular age when an individual is likely to get affected with gum diseases. But it becomes necessary to go through the advanced gum or periodontal treatments as per the condition of the gums. These diseases can vary from gum inflammation to critical soft tissue damage. The result of untreated, worst condition of gum diseases may also result in teeth loss. The lifestyle followed has its affects upon the health of gums and teeth. The cause of gum problems is the hardening of plaque on teeth. Actually, the bacteria in the mouth make a plaque layer over the teeth which are generally removed through brushing. This layer, if not removed gets hardened and can then only be cleaned by advanced gum treatment.

Gums and bone Faq’s

1. Does flossing loosen up teeth bones?

No. Flossing is a very healthy practice that can get rid of all the food stuck around your teeth and it may feel like your teeth has become smaller or loose, but it has not.

2. Can gum problems be solved by a dentist?

Yes. Dr Mulchandani’s Advanced Dental Clinic in Jabalpur, you can find a complete array of services regarding any problems related to teeth and gums.

3. What are the reasons for gums to bleed?

Apart from facing direct injury if you are facing blood loss from your gums it may due to various reasons such as, accumulation of decaying food items around your teeth, using a tooth brush with a hard bristle, and even due to certain medications.

4. Can smoking cause injury to gums?

Yes, smoking can lead to oral cancer and also various infections in the gum. It can also lead to discolouring of the gums and tooth stains.

5. What can be done in case of weak gums?

Dental implants are a great way to fix weak gums and perform dental procedures on them.

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